Tea Party Simulator is a QWOP-Style game in a similar vein as Surgeon Simulator, but instead of butchering patients with your incompetent surgical skills, you’re slicing cakes and serving tea to your teddy bear.

There’s been a glut of simulator games recently, but Tea Party Simulator certainly shows more promise and polish than most of the competition.  Firstly, although the controls are deliberately awkward, they work just as well as anything we’ve seen in Surgeon Simulator.  Also, and just as crucial, it’s got a great sense of humor, with lots of nice little touches and hidden easter eggs (such as pressing ‘A’ to make your little finger stick out when you hold a tea-cup).  If you choose to play as a male, the ridiculousness of the situation is even more apparent as your big hairy hand flails around the table.

It’s certainly easy to dismiss Tea Party Simulator as ‘just another silly simulator’, but even in these early stages of development it’s a blast, full of QWOP-style destruction and silliness.  Also, it’s ripe for expansion into more and more Surgeon Simulator-style ridiculous scenarios – we’d certainly love to throw a tea party in space!

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